Conceptual Design

With our creativity and careful input, your ideas come to life. Design schemes are created and based on your choices, a final design is produced using Autocad and Revit software. Colour schemes can also be done.

Working (Construction) Drawings

The conceptual design is turned into detailed working drawings for the building permit application and for construction. Care is taken in the detail to ensure that the construction goes smoothly.

Structural Design

Special attention is given to the structural aspect of the project. The structural design is co-ordinated with the architectural design and is integrated into all our drawings

Barrier Free Design

We have the experience and building code knowledge for the design of barrier free accessibility including barrier free washrooms, ramps and lifts.

Zoning and Building Code Compliance

The zoning is checked to ensure the project complies with the municipality’s requirements. We have the knowledge and experience to carry out a Building Code review for both residential and commercial applications.

Minor Variance Applications

There are times when the zoning cannot be complied with and a minor variance application is necessary. This can be a complicated process for the homeowner. We can assist in the preparation of the minor variance application.

Field Review During Construction

Some projects require site visits during construction to ensure that the work is being done in accordance with the drawings and your wishes.

Measured Drawings

Using precise measuring equipment, we can produce accurate measured drawings for existing buildings and rental spaces.